31 Day Perfect Butt Challenge

Hey guys! Summer is right around the corner and that means shorts and bathing suits and a lot less clothing to hide our extra chub from the winter months. It’s time to perk that booty back up and what better way to do it than with a butt challenge! Challenges are always a great way to make sure you stick to the work out. I know I am always more inclined to work out when I am doing challenges because I can see an end date and have something to look forward to.

I hope you all enjoy this 31 day butt challenge I put together. I combined the best butt sculpting moves to shave off the extra fat and really perk up and shape your butt. I definitely recommend adding weights for those who are more advanced or who wants a little extra challenge. That’s a quicker way to build muscle and see results faster! If you try it don’t forget to let me know through commenting or tagging me on social media. Now, without further ado, here is the butt challenge!



Good luck!


  • Katrina

    This is going to hurt so much, after mostly using my butt for sitting the last two months. But I’m gonna try it!

    • Haha aww. I’m glad you’re going to try it! I definitely recommend taking days off if you are sore to let your muscles heal and also stretch before and after! Good luck. I just finished day two 🙂

  • I just started a 30 day yoga challenge and it feels good to get out of the winter rut. Cloudy days don’t motivate me to work out but I always feel better after!

    • I just finished a yoga challenge and I haven’t been able to break myself from stopping so daily yoga has become my favorite form of working out. You are so right about the winter rut! I would just love to lay in bed and munch, but hopefully it will start warming up soon. Thanks for your comment 🙂