5 Tips to Stay Close to God for Busy People

staying_close_to_GodHey Ya’ll!

The holidays are here! With one gone and two of them right around the corner, all of us are running like rampant. It always seems that throughout the holidays when it’s already busy enough with buying presents, cooking, attending parties, etc., that other normal things like work or home get even busier! I know right now it’s so hectic because my fiancé and I bought our first home a few months ago and are waiting for the renovations of the master bath to be finished so we can move in. But of course, the workers are being extremely slow and keep pushing it off. Our master bath was supposed to be finished a couple weeks ago and still hasn’t been started. As you probably could guess, I am stressing. I really hope to be in the house before Christmas, but things keep going wrong. Along with the house, there’s college, and work. It seems that so much wants to pile up at the end of the year and I find myself not having much time to spend studying my Bible and talking to God. So, I am challenging myself to work my schedule around God.

I have to step back from the world and remember what is important. Throughout all the chaos, God is there to listen to me and grant me the peace that He knows I need. He never puts us off when we need Him, so why do we so often push Him to the wayside when things get busy. To stop doing this I have thought of 5 things I will do to make sure God is at the center of my life and I challenge ya’ll to do the same.

How to work your schedule around God:

  • Wake up earlier: I am going to plan to wake up at least a half hour earlier to give myself time with God right when I wake up. I have a hard time waking up early, so I know this is going to be a tough one for me, but I just have to remind myself that God is worth it! It will be so beneficial to start my day off right and get my mind on God. When things are so busy right when we wake up our minds are running with lists of things we have to get done that day. Instead of jumping head first into the day, let’s stay in bed and read the Word and talk to God. Let Him guide us into the day.
  • Talk to God when driving instead of listening to music: I love love love jamming to music and singing when I’m driving, especially because I live in a rural area so it takes a while to get to places. Instead of listening to ungodly music on my long drives to work and such, I will use it to talk to God, jam out to Christian songs or listen to a sermon (I have the Joyce Meyer app on my phone and it provides all her latest sermons). Now I can do something worthwhile during my long drives and keep myself close to God’s presence.
  • When stresses present themselves, talk to God: Instead of focusing on the stresses in my life and worrying about them, I will give them to God and move on with my day. I know we all spend too much time focusing on our stresses. We literally meditate on them because we think of them over and over which causes us to feel worse. Instead of worrying about the things in my life, I will meditate on God’s Word.
  • Replace social media with God: I know that I spend way too much time on social media and on the internet. Even in the busy times of our lives we somehow find time for social media, but none for God. So, every time I pick up the phone to browse the social world, I am going to click on my Bible app and read some verses instead. This simple task will eventually turn into a habit and it will help incorporate more of God and less of the world in my daily life.
  • Take God everywhere: I already know that God is with me 24/7, but it seems that I don’t always acknowledge that. I have begun to talk to God more throughout the day, but I want to challenge myself to do this even more. God knows we are busy and He doesn’t expect us to deny all of our responsibilities. He is there with us through everything and we can stay close to Him and keep Him in our schedule by talking to Him throughout the day about anything and everything. He wants to be in our lives and I’m ready to bring Him even deeper into my life. I need God 24/7 and if I keep myself in His presence all day, then I know that the stresses in life won’t seem to be such a big deal anymore.


So, starting tomorrow I am going to incorporate these tips into my life and I hope you guys will join me in this challenge! I am ready to delve deeper in my relationship with the Lord and I refuse to let the world consume me with its stresses and distractions.

Have a blessed day!