Hey guys! Here’s a little bit about me and this lovely blog:

My name is Alicia and I am passionate about God, health, writing, and personal development. I have my BA in English and am currently in grad school getting my MS in Psychology with an emphasis in Life Coaching as well as studying for my personal training certification. I am determined to find out how to live happy and healthy and share my findings with you all. I do a lot of research about mental health and personal growth because I am determined to grow into the best person I can be and to pursue my true purpose to live a fulfilling life. Finally, I am a firm believer in Christ and will be sharing a lot of things about Him to help you all grow in your faith and ultimately live a more peaceful life. I am not a preacher and do not intend on preaching. I only wish to share with you my personal experience and inspiration to hopefully help you all live a happier, peaceful life.

So, pretty much my blog in five words: Healthy: Spiritually, Physically, and Mentally


More about me:

  • I love writing and have been writing stories since a child. I am working on my first novel and hope to have it published soon!
  • I have always loved working out, but have developed bursitis and tendinitis in my knees and bursitis and snapping hips syndrome in my hips which cause it to be difficult to do certain things.I also have scoliosis, which I believe is the reason why I have developed hip and knee problems. Through having these issues I hope to help others with joint issues be able to do workouts that will not cause any pain. Also these issues have caused me to do research to find natural cures for the pain, since I am such an anti medicine person.
  • I am a very outdoorsy type of girl. I love dirtbiking, fourwheeling, fishing, boating, and just being out in nature
  • I took automotive technology in school and really enjoy tinkering with cars.
  • I am an introvert, but once you get to know me I am very open and friendly.
  • I enjoy eating so much! I like to plan out my meals so I make sure that I have good stuff to eat throughout the day.
  • I love being happy and having a good time with family and friends.