Beginning Steps to Lose Weight

This is probably the main thing that people worry about. Losing weight is constantly on our minds whether we need to lose 5 pounds or 50 pounds. It dictates our lives and it can get very stressful. All we focus on is the how much we need to lose and it’s hard to know where to even start.

Losing weight was something I had never had to worry about throughout life until just recently. I had always been a small, athletic frame at 5’2 and never weighing over 120 pounds. It wasn’t until just recently that my anxiety became so bad that I couldn’t go through each day without feeling overwhelmingly anxious and paranoid. My doctor, of course, prescribed me to a medication. After being on it for only 6 months I saw a rapid increase in my weight; I had gained 15 pounds. I was and still am unhappy with my weight. I have gotten off of the medication and am letting God heal my anxiety day by day, but now I have to figure out how to get this weight off.

Throughout this experience I have begun to list the first steps that I have taken to begin this process. Going on fad diets or one month exercise programs are not the way to go. They are quick fixes that tend to never last. I don’t just want to lose weight quick, I want to learn how to be truly healthy and make that be my lifestyle.


I compiled a list of beginning steps that help aid in the process of losing weight. It’s hard to jump right into a strict diet and exercise program. It is much healthier and easier to take things step by step. So let’s get into it!


Find/Admit your weakness: 

Pin pointing your weakness helps to narrow down where you may be packing on those extra pounds. Evaluating negative eating habits is the first step in starting to lose weight. Do you have many sweet cravings? Do you drink too many sodas? For me, my weakness is carbs! I literally could live off breads, pastas, fries, and chips. My approach to this problem will be to limit my carb intake gradually (once a week for a month, twice a week for the next month, etc.). I know that I will never be able to stop eating carbs and honestly carbs are good for you. They are healthy for a balanced diet, I just know that I eat too many, so I have to limit it until I reach a healthy carb intake.


Find a healthy replacement for your weakness:

By doing this, you won’t be cutting out your favorite weakness cold turkey. If your weakness is chocolate, try eating plain dark chocolate, the healthiest of chocolate. Fruits are also a good alternative if you crave sweets. I have found some healthy replacements for the unhealthy carbs that I eat a lot. For example: I eat sweet potato fries instead of regular fries. I eat spaghetti squash instead of the enriched white pasta.


Think about habits/environmental things that are hindering your health and how you can start to fix it:

Do you have a habit of coming home and drinking multiple glasses of wine after work? Perhaps try to cut back o only one a night. For me, it is working at a desk all day and having to sit for 7 hours straight. That is pretty hard to fix since I need my job. I have started to think of different ways that I can stay active while at my desk. First thing I have started is to stand at my desk for an hour every couple hours to take a break from sitting, and walking in place while I stand. I also swapped my normal office chair to an exercise ball chair">exercise ball chair.


Find exercises you enjoy doing and start with those:

I lovvvve weight training and yoga, but really hate cardio. So instead of jumping into a big cardio regiment to lose weight, I am going to start with doing more of what I love to do. I have created a workout plan for myself compiled of my favorite forms of exercising that I plan to stick to Monday – Friday. Find the forms of exercise you love to do, whether it be running, swimming, or playing a sport. Please remember not to over do it and workout everyday. Recovery is very important so plan to have rest days. If you are looking to find a perfect workout for you be sure to check out this post.


Start walking more:

Walking is one of the easiest, most beneficial things we can do for our health. Look at where you are in your fitness level and determine how many miles you should start doing a day. I do not walk many miles a day so I am going to start out aiming for 3-4 miles a day. I have a Fitbit Charge HR and I promise you, I have became so much more active since getting one. I challenge friends and it pushes me to walk more. Seeing the numbers really put it in to perspective, I highly recommend getting one!


Eat smaller portions: 

I definitely eat way too big of meals. My eyes are bigger than my stomach all the time. The palm of your hand is a good indicator of the portion sizes you should have. Smaller portions will make us hungrier more often so be prepared to have small healthy snacks in between meals.


Find some go-to healthy recipes:

Once you find a view staple recipes that are easy to make, but also yummy, it will be easy to keep eating healthy. Pinterest has been my best friend lately. I have found so many amazing healthy recipes that have become a staple for me. If you are in need for some recipes, I have a few you can check out here.


Most importantly do not be too hard on yourself!!!:

This is something I am still trying to learn. I beat myself up if I eat a bad meal or if I don’t work out and that is not healthy. We all need to have cheat meals and we all need to skip working out every once in awhile. Obviously we need to have some self control to not overindulge or completely stop working out all together, but we certainly need to give ourselves some love and some lenience or else we will never reach our dream bodies or our health goals.

So far I have lost two pounds and am excited to continue on in this weight loss journey. I hope you all will come back to check out the other posts I have planned for this blog as well as me sharing my journey of weight loss with you all. If you guys have any requests for certain posts you would like to see in this series please let me know in the comments!

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