Breaking Out of Your Shell: Overcome Shyness and Grow Confidence

You know what, I am tired of being shy. I am tired of being timid. I am tired of being overlooked. I’m tired of hiding who I truly am.


Who’s with me?


Do you feel most like yourself and truly happy when you are alone?

Do you put yourself in a shell when you walk out your front door in the morning?

I do without even realizing it. I am free, happy, silly, and truly ME when I am alone. But as soon as I walk out into the world it’s like she runs and hides. I’m tired of it. I want to show who I am. I am tired of not getting the most out of life because I am so shy.


But how can we change that? How can we break out of this hard shell we have built around ourselves?


The first question we need to ask ourselves is, “Why did we build this shell around ourselves?”


Why do we feel it necessary to hide who we are?

  • Are we self-conscious of something about ourselves?
  • Are we too focused on other people’s approval that we worry to show our true selves in fear that no one accept or like us?
  • Are we afraid of rejection or not fitting in?
  • Are we fearful of making a fool out ourselves?
  • Do we lack self-esteem and do not love who we are?


I firmly believe that many of us who are hiding in our turtle shell lack confidence. We lack belief in who we are. We focus too much on what other people think of us and not enough about what we think of ourselves. What do you think would happen if you started to believe in who you are. If you began to love yourself deeply and believe truly that you are an amazing person and have so much to offer this world, what do you think would be the ripple effect of that?


If you guessed that you would become confident and be free to show who you are, then you are correct! But friend, I know all of the stuff I mentioned is a lot easier said than done, it’s taken me years to even make a little crack in my shell. But a small crack leads to a bigger crack until eventually the shell breaks completely off. It’s just one step at a time. We got this! 🙂


Now, I want to make sure to express that being hidden in a shell is not a bad thing. Sometimes it’s alright and it’s nothing to look down upon. It just becomes a problem if you are never able to open up and show your wonderful self to those around you. You are robbing the world of an amazing person. The big issue with being in a shell is not that you’re hiding yourself, but the reason WHY you are hiding yourself. If you can pinpoint the reasoning behind your shell, and if it’s not a healthy reason, then you know it’s time to start working on that problem so that you are able to live freely and wholly.


When I was able to pinpoint the two reasons why I had built my shell, I knew that I had to work on those things. I knew that I could not go on having no self-esteem and worrying so much about what other people think. It wasn’t helping me live the life I truly desired to live.


Cracking my shell, peeking my head out, and showing my face to the world has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself. Yes, I had to open up and be vulnerable. But I have learned to love truly who I am and be confident in who I am. I am worrying less and less about what people think of me and let me tell you, its so FREEING. As long as God loves me and I love me, then nothing else matters.


I still haven’t completely cracked open my shell. I am aware that these habits and thought patterns I have created over the years of being alive are not easy things to break. We can’t just wake up tomorrow and have it all together. It’s going to take time, but time that I am willing to spend in order to break unhealthy thought patters. And I hope you are willing too. Each step we can take to break out of our shell and fix these issues that are hindering us, is one step closer to us becoming the person we were truly meant to be.It’s one step closer to living freely and being able to step out and create the life we want. Being hidden in a shell has stopped me from doing many things I wish I would have done. I don’t want to go through life hiding who I am and missing out on great opportunities. We all deserve to live a fulfilling life. 


Stay strong friends, we will get through this and be able to live freely without a shell constantly around us. One day at a time. Keep moving forward and staying passionate about bettering yourself every step of the way.