Overcoming the Struggles of Chasing Your Dreams

Do you ever feel like you are chasing things in life, but never making any strides? It’s like those nightmares when the bad guy is chasing you, but you can’t move because your legs feel like bricks. Yeah, that feeling is all too familiar in life for me when it comes to accomplishing my dreams.

When you have big goals, life-long dreams, and your soul is crying out to fulfill them, you would stop at nothing to fulfill them. But what happens if you keep chasing these goals, but can’t seem to get any closer to reaching them? It’s gets tiring and it would be easy to give up, I know. But trust me, whatever you are chasing is going to be worth it in the end.


So, my dreamer friends, how do we actually start making some strides in our dream chasing?




My first piece of advice, which is obvious, would be to not give up!

I know that it can seem like it’s taking forever, and it probably is! But I always believe that there is a reason for it. God may be making us wait for a reason. Perhaps it’s not time yet for you to accomplish your dream. Like I talked about in a previous blog post, about waiting on God, you may not be ready for your dreams yet. You may not be mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, or financially ready yet for what you are chasing after. There may be other things you need to learn before you can succeed with your plans. I know it’s hard to accept, but there’s always a reason for why things are going the way they are going. So, friend, please do not give up. Your hard work and dedication will pay off, trust me! There’s been so many times I’ve just wanted to give up on my goals, but I focus on the end goal and how badly I want to get there.


My second piece of advice to you is to evaluate your efforts.

What I mean by this is to really take a good look at how you are actually going about trying to accomplish your goals. Are you doing anything that is keeping you from advancing forward? Are you really putting your all into making your dreams come true or are you just doing the bare minimum and hoping that the dream just comes true one day?

When I evaluate my dreams, I can clearly see an issue with both of them. My main dream in life, that I have had ever since I was a kid, is to be an author. I am preventing that dream from coming true by not spending enough time writing my novel. I have been working on the novel I want to publish as my first book since freshmen year of college. I have been graduated from college for almost a year now and that novel is no where near being done. Why? Because I haven’t stayed consistent in writing. I have gone months (Yikes, I know) without writing my novel. I am ashamed to say this. But I never would have realized why I never made any progress in my novel if I wouldn’t have looked at my efforts. For my other dream, to build my online business, I have been researching and learning like crazy, but haven’t actually started to implement the things I have learned. There has to be at some point in this journey for me to start actually putting things into motion. I’m not quite sure why I haven’t. I think that I am scared and very unsure. I feel that I don’t have all the knowledge and resources I need to start implementing things. Sometimes you just have to take risks. Sometimes you just have to walk blindly because, as much as I wish someone could just grab my hand and walk me through it all, I know that can’t happen.


My third piece of advice to you is to make a plan.

How can someone move forward towards their dream if no plan is in place. If we try to move forward we are stuck going half way down multiple roads trying to make something happen. Planning is one of my favorite things to do in life, but surprisingly enough it is the one thing I do not do with my dreams, which makes no sense. If anything, making a plan to accomplish my dreams should be the first priority. Making a rough outline of the realistic steps you are willing and planning to take to pursue your dreams should be the first step in chasing your dreams. It the crucial make it or break it action of accomplishing goals. I know, I know, writing an outline seems so time consuming and pointless when your soul is stirring inside you like a whirlwind, begging to achieve your life long dream. But in reality, it is going to save you SO much time. It is going to make sure that you have a focused plan to actually make this dream a reality.

So how do you even go about making a plan for a dream of yours? I’m glad you asked. I have struggled much with creating a plan for my dreams and I have certainly went the long way around the block to starting the process, so to help all of you avoid that long struggle I have graciously made a free outline of how to plan your dreams. Please feel free to download it and start customizing it to plan out your dreams once and for all!


Lastly, dream chasers, remember your why.

Remember why you are going down this path. Remember why you started chasing this dream in the first place. Keep in mind the excitement and passion you feel for this dream. Tell yourself daily that this dream CAN and WILL become a reality. Do not lose heart if it’s taking wayy longer than you ever expected. If you hang on tight, put all of your efforts into executing a well thought out plan for this dream, it will definitely come true. Trust me. I am in this process along with you guys, so I understand the many emotions circulating through your veins: excitement, determination, frustration, stress, negativity, passion, etc.


Chasing your dreams is an admirable quality. Be true to yourself and fulfill the desires of your soul. Forget the naysayers. Forget the long journey you have to travel down. Just run straight ahead and trust that your intuition, your passion, and most importantly God, will help lead you along the way.



  • This is great – making a plan and being able to assess it is so helpful to making your dreams come true! 🙂

    • Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed the post. 🙂