Follow Your Dreams

dreams             I have always had big dreams, even as a young child. I would claim that I would one day be a doctor, an author, an architect, a race car driver, and whatever else my little heart desired. My parents were great and supported every idea that came to my creative little mind. They reassured me that with God, I can do anything. That constant support had followed me throughout my life and has been ingrained in my mind that I can live out my dreams, no matter how far-fetched they may seem, if God is on my side. This may be why I am such a passionate and determined person. I do not let anything stand in my way if I have something I want to accomplish.

Recently, though, I had been putting my dreams in front of God and He spoke to me about it. I listened for a day and then quickly went back to pushing Him aside to live MY dreams. Then about a week or so ago my Nana was over visiting and she came to me with her “Jesus Calling” book by Sarah Young and said to me, “God told me that you need to read this.” I grabbed the little book and began to read. It instantly touched my heart and I felt tears welling up. In that little devotion for that day it was talking about how my mind creates so many plans that they all get tangled up in each other and how my obsessive planning is pushing me away from His Presence. It also said how it is He who actually directs my steps and that I need to seek His will and walk down the path He has for me (which is way better than any plan or dream that I have for myself). The special thing about these “Jesus Calling” devotionals is that it is written like God is speaking directly to you, so that it why it felt so powerful. It was exactly what I needed to take a step back and a deep breath to regain composure. My plans were all jumbling together and I wasn’t listening to God for direction and I was overwhelming myself.

I love the subtle, but special ways that God chooses to speak to each of us. But I need to remember that the more I devote my time to Him and not to all the things I have planned for my life, then the more I get to hear from Him. As I took a step away from the 100 things swirling around in my head about the plans for my future, I was able to see my future more clearly. A future that held God in the direct center of my life and everything around it was not as clear, but God being at the center is all that matters. I know that these passions I have deep within my heart to be an author/blogger/holistic nutritionist/health coach/personal trainer, are weighing on my heart for a reason. He may not be directing me to do all of these things, but I believe that the passions in my heart that I long for, are set there by Him. BUT, He clearly told me that my top passion, needs to be Him, and then the other things will fall into place. I need to keep Him in the center of my life, so that I can truly live the life that He has in store for me.

I believe God has big things in store for me this year and for you as well! We just need to keep Him involved in every aspect of our lives and just let Him guide us. He knows what is best for us and His plans are always better than we could ever imagine. We can follow our dreams while not getting tangled up and overwhelmed in them. We just have to remember what the most important thing is: our relationship with God, because that is the only thing from this life that will last for eternity.