How to Grow a Close Relationship With God

Creating a close relationship with Jesus is the best thing we can do in our lives here on earth. But why is it that we seem to have such a hard time establishing this relationship? Why do we have a roller coaster like relationship with Him constantly? Why can’t we seem to just always stay close to Him?


Your relationship with Jesus is just like any other relationship you want to grow, you have to put time and effort into it.


I have found 2 key things that have caused me to have this up and down relationship with Jesus, where at times I feel so close to Him and at other times I can’t seem to find Him. These two things are:


Not spending time with Him consistently


  • I would find that the times I felt closest to Him were the times that I was consistently giving Him time in my schedule. The times I felt distant from Him were the times that I wasn’t spending much time with Him, a 5 minute prayer and a morning scripture was about it and I thought that was enough. Boy was I wrong. When I get lazy in spending time with God it negatively affects my relationship with Him and even my quality of life, I don’t feel as happy and I start feeling blah, like something is missing from my life. If you think about it, you have the power to be as close to God as you want. The more time you put into it the closer you will get. I’m so worn out from inconsistently putting time into my relationship with God. To fix this, I blocked out two separate chunks of my day for God and Bible time. I’m a planner, so this method works best for me. And, in sticking with this method for only a few weeks, I have seen great improvement. Not only in how close I feel to God, but in how I am acting and thinking in my daily life.


Feeling frustrated when I didn’t hear anything from Him


  • When I don’t hear anything from God, which is often, I feel as if He isn’t there and that makes me feel lost. The other day as I was listening to a Joyce Meyer podcast, it was the message I really needed to hear. She was saying how she does not hear from God often. She does not feel goosebumps every time she spends time with God. But she still knows that He is there and He is listening. She said that instead of getting frustrated about not hearing any word from God, to just keep doing the last thing He told you to do. And that just hit me. It made things so much clearer for me. Just because I don’t hear from God on a daily basis does not mean I need to give up my time with Him. It means that I need to keep staying diligent and keep making my time with Him a priority, while doing good and following what He last told me to do.

  • In the beginning of this month I felt God put a word in my heart, silence. That’s a word I never really thought about in my walk with God. And then, it was like the sun appeared from being hidden by clouds, and I was awakened to a wonderful discovery. How do I expect to hear anything from God if I don’t ever shut my mouth when I have time with Him to give Him room to speak to me? Leaving periods of silence for God in my prayer time has been amazing for me, but I can’t lie, it has also been one of the most difficult things, to just sit there, trying not to say anything to God and the worst part, trying to stop my mind from wandering off into the woods and to let my mind be clear for God to direct thoughts and words into. But the more I practice this silence time, the easier it gets and I have found it has been so rewarding. For those of you who love meditating, this is sort of similar. It is like meditating on the presence of God. It is truly a special thing.


How to Grow Close to God (1)



Some of the most common questions everyone asks is what do you do when you spend time with God? How do you know what to read in the Bible? What if you have nothing to pray about? How can one possibly take on the challenge of growing a close relationship with God?


These were all questions I had and questions that honestly stopped me from completely from growing a closer relationship with God because I had no idea where to even start. It can be very daunting. But after trial and error I have figured out ways that have helped me answer and overcome these questions. How you may ask? Keep on reading 🙂


What do you do when you spend time with God?


  • Anything. Yes, I know that is not very helpful, but it’s true. You can read the Word, you can talk to Him, you can listen to praise songs and sing to Him, or you can simply just sit there and let Him know you are here and just rest in His presence. Whatever feels right to you at the moment. I always go to a quite place alone when I spend time with Him and I try to keep my phone out of reach so that I have no distractions. This time with God needs to be just that, you and God time, so try to eliminate anything that may distract you. Sometimes I have so much I need to talk to Him about and I just ramble on in my time with Him. Other times I want to study the Word about something I’m struggling with or wanting to learn more about. Other times I am at a loss for words and I just sit in silence. If you have no idea where to start, try asking God what you should do with the time and listen for Him to gently lead you.


How do you know what to read in the Bible?


  • This can be tricky. The Bible has so much content it is often daunting and confusing as to where to start. There are a few tips I have to make this an easier process. First try using a devotional that provides verses to look up. I enjoy reading “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young. After I read the devotional section (which is so powerful because she writes it from the perspective of God) she has a list of a few verses that go along with the daily devotion. I take my time to look those verses up and really study them, reading the study notes in my Bible. I find that sometimes it’s nice to just focus on reading one or two verses and really digging deep within them to figure out what they mean. Key thing to remember when reading the Bible is Quality over Quantity. Don’t try to read five chapters just to say you did, but then afterwards you can’t remember one thing you learned. Instead try focusing on a few verses or maybe one chapter and delving deep.

  • The next tip is to use the concordance in the back to study up on a specific topic, for example, love, faith, fear, anger, etc. Right now I am focusing on discipline and reading up on everything the Bible has to say about discipline. This can help if you’re struggling in a particular area in your life or perhaps if God is trying to help you grow in a certain area.

  • The last tip is to start with the gospels. You can’t go wrong starting with the gospels and then continuing through the new testament. These books have so much insight and it is an easier read than starting in the old testament. In addition to reading the New Testament, also try Psalms, Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes, the Wisdom Literature books, in the Old Testament. They can provide so much wisdom, advice, and comfort.


Probably the most important thing you can do, is to try. Just try and seek Him with all your heart. God says, “You will seek me and find me when you search for me with all your heart you” – Jeremiah 29:13. God just wants us to want to have a deep relationship. He knows your heart and He knows if you desire that deep connection with Him and He will help you along the way. Always remember that even when you don’t feel Him, know that He is still there, and always will be. God loves you unconditionally and just wants to be a part of your life, every single aspect.


I’d love to hear your thoughts. What are some of the ways you guys grow closer to God?