How to Achieve Goals

Achieving a goal creates a sense of fulfillment that we all want to feel in our lifetime. We all set those goals on New Year’s Eve, that 99% of the time, go unfulfilled. I don’t know how many New Year’s Eve lists full of goals that I have written that went unfulfilled. Once January is over we so often get caught back up in our day to day lives that we just forget about all these goals we have for ourselves. We get sucked back into the daily grind and don’t feel like keeping up with the journey to fulfill the goal.

                BUT! The journey is the goal.

                Ultimately what we want to get out of achieving said goal is what the journey teaches us. The journey is what shapes us, pushes us to our limits, and makes us grow. The journey is the goal. We all want to quickly get the journey over and reach the goal, but it’s time we change our view of the journey. It’s hard and it takes a lot to get through it, but finally reaching the end of the journey wouldn’t be the same had you not gone through all the ups and downs.

Example: If you were running in a race and you took all kinds of shortcuts, you wouldn’t feel quite as satisfied as you would have if you had actually ran the whole race straight through and pushed through the tough parts to win fair and square.

Whatever race you are running, don’t stop. Remember that, this moment you are in right now, is the goal! This journey is what is going to make it all worth it. It’s going to get tough no doubt, but power through. This is shaping you and teaching you things that only come once in a lifetime.

I found that when I go through journeys it’s real beneficial to keep track of the journey; the ups the downs and everything in between. It helps me keep going when I can look back and see all that I went through and how I can’t give up just yet. It makes me feel more accomplished and stronger to actually see with my own eyes what I’ve gone through to get to the end of this goal.

I challenge you all to keep track of this journey in your in. Write down every day how you are feeling, what is most difficult, what is actually easier than you had imagined, etc. Then when you look back at it after you reached the end you can be proud of all that you went through. It is only going to make you stronger.

Keep your head up and remember: the journey is the goal!

—Don’t hesitate to comment or message me if you need any motivation or advice with the journey you are on.