How to Handle Bad Days


“The true test of happiness is when we can smile despite the circumstances.”

We all have them: bad days. They sneak up and attack when we are vulnerable and can’t take much more. Or they sneak up when they see that we have been having too many good days and need to be knocked back down.

The past month I was having many days that weren’t so great. I hesitate to say “bad” days because nothing particularly went that bad and each day is a gift and I do not like to deem them bad. I had been very stressed over the longevity of the house renovation, the amount of college work I have, and the quickly approaching deadlines at work. It all built up until it seemed like every little thing irked me, which isn’t like me. I usually don’t let little things get to me, but when stress piles up so much, any little shift in the wind can cause it to come crashing down.

So, how do we handle these bad days? Grumble around, starting arguments with loved ones around you? Hide in your room and sulk? Cry under the covers? These options are tempting yes, but do they make us feel better? Of course not. We need real mental and spiritual therapy to climb out of these deep dark days. Constantly thinking about how bad the day is and how bad our circumstances are is only going to make us feel worse, and at this point, we couldn’t imagine feeling any worse than we already do! Engaging in things that revive our minds and refresh our inner strength is what will help the stresses simmer away, at least for a little while.

What I do on bad days:

  • Treat myself to a yummy snack. The other day I made myself a strawberry, banana, and Greek vanilla yogurt smoothie when I had been so stressed out. And boy, did it help to calm me down. Let’s face it, food makes us happy. It’s so delicious and there is something so therapeutic about eating one of your favorite snacks.
  • Take a bath. I love taking warm baths with Epson salts and essential oil on days where I just feel spent. It gives me time to relax and I put on Christian music or ambient music and try to take some deep breaths and let my worries float down the drain.
  • Write in my journal. This is something I tend to do anyway, but especially on days when there is just too much going on and I need to get my emotions out. It feels good just to get everything out on paper, even if nothing is solved. Many times when I do write in my journal I tend to write to God and many times I will feel or think of something that I know He put in my heart that will make me feel better about the situation.
  • Read Psalms. Reading the book of Psalms never ceases to make me feel good inside. I love the uplifting praises and also on bad days there are some good sorrowful Psalms crying out to God. Some of my favorites to read on bad days are: Psalm 25, Psalm 27, Psalm 73, Psalm 77, and, Psalm 91.
  • Do Yoga. This always clears my mind and makes my body feel less tense. On stressful days my neck and upper back always seem to get tight and I begin feel worse from the discomfort. Yoga helps to relieve my tense muscles and helps me to spend some quality time listening to my body and taking some restorative deep breaths.
  • Pray and Meditate on God. Last but not least, I talk to God. I tell Him everything and ask Him to give me peace and help me to learn from this situation and how to not let things negatively affect me. I recently found an app through the Bible app called Abide, which has guided meditative prayers. I have been listening to some recently and then end up meditating on God or a specific verse or positive thought and it ends up putting me right to sleep.

I hope some of my tips will help ya’ll on stressful days. What are some of the ways you handle bad days?


  • I am definitely one who takes out my bad days or stress on loved ones. Thank you for the reminder that there are other options that will actually make me feel better!

    • I’m so glad this could help! It’s so easy to just take our stress out on the ones us, I know I am guilty of that. But I am glad to have found ways to truly make me relaxed and refreshed again. Thanks so much for your comment Julie 🙂

  • It’s so important to have a game plan for stressful days to not let them overtake us. I love you list!

    • Yes it certainly is! I’m so glad you liked the list Susannah 🙂 thanks so much for your comment.

  • kelsiturner

    I need to work on my bad days and dealing with them in healthy ways. Thanks for sharing this!

    • Yes, a lot of us do need to work on that. Often times I forget about my own tips and sulk in my bad days, but I feel a lot better when I actually take time for me and let all the stresses roll off my back. I hope that you will be able to use some of these tips or come up with your own that will help your bad days turn around 🙂

  • That list sounds like me! Those are the things I like to do to make a bad day better. I know what you mean too about how on stressful days something could happen that just throws everything out of whack. Thank you for your tips on helping bad days get better 🙂

    • We must have some things in common 🙂 I love how certain things can really just turn a bad day completely around. Thanks so much for your comment Natalie!