My Workout Routine

My workout routine constantly changes. I get in the habit of doing great workouts each day and then something always ends up getting in the way to throw me off track. Just recently, moving out of my parents’ home and into my very own house, switched up my old routine quite a bit. Before, at my parents’ house, my routine was a lifting weights with my dad once or twice a week (many weeks we ended up skipping because it was cold and we were tired). Then I would do random workouts the other days: sometimes go for a walk/run, sometimes do yoga, or make up my own workout entirely.

But now, my workout routine has sort of formed a habit in the past month living in my new house. I go to the gym two or three times a week or workout at home and then I go to PiYo class twice a week. To be honest, some days I have skipped because there has been a lot going on, but that’s okay. I rarely beat myself up over not working out. Life gets in the way and that is okay! As long as you have a happy medium, not too hard on yourself and not too lenient on yourself, then you are on the right track.

What do I do in the gym or at home on the two days a week? Glad you asked!

In the gym as of right now, this is what I do:

  • Do a quick stretch
  • 10 minutes of cardio (on elliptical, bike, or other aerobic exercise) first.
  • Go around the gym to each machine and do 10 reps, 3 sets of each exercise. Sometimes I add in new things or take away certain things. It all depends on what I want to focus on and how I am feeling that day.
  • I have been focusing a lot on booty building and most of the machines and weights I use are to help grow that butt!
  • Also I am striving to get stronger shoulders and core to help me accomplish the handstand I so desperately want to do!
  • Aside from that I still do other exercises that work my triceps, biceps, and back.
  • At the end I finish with 5-10 minutes on the bike or elliptical.
  • Then I STRETCH! A very important step that too many people forget. This will help to soothe your muscles and will help to prevent extreme soreness.

At home exercises that I do:

  • I use my resistance bands or kettle bell to get some weight training in.
  • I always love coming up with new workouts, so on the spot I will just create a 10-20 minute workout (mostly they are HIIT).
  • I recently have been enjoying Tabata workouts. I watch some on POPsugar Fitness and also have been creating some of my own. If you don’t know what Tabata workouts are, do not fear! I am working on a post that will explain all about Tabata workouts and where I will share some of my favorite videos and some of my own workouts.
  • Sometimes I just don’t feel like doing anything too crazy so I will just stick with Yoga. I watch Yoga with Adriene on YouTube (love her! She has Yoga routines for everybody and everything) or make up my own sequence with however I am feeling that day.

PiYo class is something I just started a few weeks ago and have fell in love with it! It combines Yoga and Pilates for a refreshing muscle toning, detoxing, and fat burning workout. I am so glad I found out about it and I highly recommend it! There are all sorts of people in my class: guys, girls, chubby, skinny, old, and young. It really is a workout for everyone.

Overall I have to say that creating a workout routine should include workouts that cater to your needs and your wants. Don’t make yourself do a workout you don’t like just because everyone else is doing it. Find what you love to do, whether it be going for a 20 minute walk after work, or working out at the gym 7 days a week. We all are different and are all at different stages. I tend to do things regarding how I am feeling that day (listening to my body is crucial for me; I never push my body to work out if I am feeling run-down) and what I feel I want to get better at. If you are trying to lose weight find exercises that cater to that need (I recommend doing HIIT, that’s the best way to shed pounds). If you want to tone up then lifting weights should be your priority. If any of you are lost on where to start in finding the best workout routine for you, please do not hesitate to email me, as I am studying to become a personal trainer and a holistic health coach.

I hope you all enjoyed this week’s Get Fit Series in Collab with Sarah from Coffee and Glitter and Taylor from The Morrell Tale.

  • It’s great that you have a schedule now! I just started being able to work out after having my son so I’m taking it slow. We got a subscription to The Daily Burn and I’m really enjoying their workouts!

    • Congrats on your new baby boy! That’s great you are starting to get back on track now. I have never tried any daily burn workouts. I will definitely have to check them out! Thanks for your comment Susannah 🙂

  • My husband and I are doing P90X3 workouts and we plan to follow the actual 90 Day plan soon. Looking forward to that post on Tabata exercises.

    • Oh wow I bet those are intense. But I’m sure you will see some awesome results! Good luck 🙂 thanks for your comment Patricia!

  • I usually hit the treadmill for about 45 minutes and then hit my favorite strength machines.

    • That sounds like a great workout! Do you walk on the treadmill or run? I am definitely slacking on my cardio and find it hard on my knees to run. I am hoping to build my endurance up.

  • I’ve tried and loved some HIIT workouts but I’m very interested in yoga and Pi-Yo as well! Thanks for sharing!

    • HIIT workouts are definitely great for shedding the fat but there’s something so refreshing about yoga and Piyo. If you’ve never tried them you definitely should give them a try 🙂 thanks for the comment Kristen!

  • I’ve heard a lot of friends talk about Pi-Yo. It seems pretty interesting.

    • Hey taylor! Yes, Piyo is really interesting and such a great workout. I definitely recommend giving it a try 🙂

  • I went through a phase where I loved doing tabata/HITT workouts. I still do sometimes and they’re what I’ll do if I need a quick 10-20 min workout. I also love Yoga with Adriene. I love her quirky sense of humor and the lighthearted mood she creates. I’m glad I found your blog from the Peony Project. I think we have some things in common!

    • I love quick workouts so tabata is my go to workout haha. That’s awesome you also watch yoga with Adriene. She’s such a great yoga instructor. I’m glad you stopped by my blog! I will be sure to stop by your blog as well! Thanks for comment 🙂