Quick Morning Workout Routine

morningworkoutHey guys!

In the morning it’s so hard to get up and get a workout done, so I created a quick workout to get your heart pumping and your metabolism jump started. I’ve been doing this workout for a week or so and it really has helped me to feel more alert in the morning as well as help tone up my body. It has been really beneficial to use my extra time in the morning for a workout instead of hitting snooze a millions times. I have been putting my phone on the opposite side of my room so when my alarm goes off I have to get up to turn it off, then I get right into the workout.

This workout focuses on the entire body; strengthening, toning, gaining coordination and stability, while shedding fat while raising your heart rate.

-The stretching I do is quick with a few forward bends, calf, quad, and hamstring stretches to warm up the body.

– Jumping jacks help to raise your heart rate and quickly wake up your body. This is one of the main exercises to help increase endurance (which is something I am trying to work on). Jumping jacks works the whole entire body targeting many different muscle groups all at once.

-Squats are an all-around great exercise to build those booty muscles while toning rest of the body and creating stability and balance. I have noticed that squats also keep my heart rate up.

-Planking is a great exercise to catch your breath while toning up the whole body, especially the core muscles. You have two options here: to do a regular plank with your hands holding you up or doing a forearm plank. Forearm plank is more advanced and really works the shoulder muscles. If you are a beginner then I would advise to do a regular plank with knees bent.

-Superman’s are probably one of my favorite abs workouts. It hits the obliques and the core; while again, targeting the rest of the body and helps you gain stability and coordination. You have the option to do this slowly and or fast. I vary with the speed, depending on how I feel in morning.

-Mountain Climbers are great for blood circulation in the morning. It also helps with stability and coordination. Mountain climbers may seem like they just work the abs, but it works the arms, butt, back, and the legs. Every part of your body is engaged during this workout which is so beneficial!

Working out in the morning not only makes you more awake, and mentally focused for the day, but it burns fat faster! Since normally when we work out we have a full stomach, our workouts go to burning off the food before it can burn fat. In morning workouts, we have an empty stomach and the workouts can burn fat with just a small workout. It’s a triple whammy to working out in the morning.

I hope you all enjoy this quick workout. I am thinking about making videos for all the workouts I do to share with you guys. If that is something you all would like, please let me know in the comments!


  • I definitely need this! I usually hit snooze a few times and don’t feel so energized when I get up. This would be great to wake me up and also get a little workout in! Thanks for sharing!

    • I feel the same way! Hitting snooze too many times is a major problem haha. It definitely makes me feel more tired. I found that working out right in the morning really helps to feel more energized! I hope this workout helps you 🙂 thanks so much for commenting

  • This is great! I really enjoying doing quick workouts from the Youtube channel Blogilates!

    • Thanks! Ah yes I love blogilates. I’ve been doing her videos for awhile now. They are so fun!

  • This does sound like an awesome morning workout to get the day started! I’ve been doing a squat challenge and 80 is getting tough!!

    • I started a squat challenge last year and shamefully gave up haha! I’m hoping to try it again, but boy do those exercises burnnn. Good luck on completing it! 🙂