Christian Books

The Shack is honestly one of my favorite books of all time. It never ceases to teach me something new every time I read it and to bring me to desire a closer relationship with God. The main character finds himself in a tragic situation and ends up spending a weekend with God that forever changes his life. If I could recommend any piece of Christian fiction, it would be this.
Power Thoughts is such an inspirational book. It has helped me tremendously in dealing with anxiety. I find myself always reaching for this book when I am having a hard time and just need a refresher in thinking positively. This book shows us how thinking positively can really have a huge impact on our lives.  I definitely recommend this book for everyone, but especially for anyone who has anxiety, depression, or finds themselves constantly thinking negatively.
Restless is for those of us who know we were made for me and know deep down God has a plan for us, but don’t know where to start. This book really helps those of us who are scared, but also ready to start living out our dreams and the plans that God has intended for our lives. Jennie Allen did a phenomenal on crafting this book and it has truly helped to give me the push I needed to find what God had intended for my life and my purpose.


This devotional is so touching. Sarah Young wrote this devotional as if God was speaking to us as we read it. I feel that God has really been able to speak to me through this book. It feels so personal and is by far my favorite devotional I have ever read.