Things I cannot go a day without doing

Cant_Go_a_Day_withoutWe all have those bad habits we find ourselves doing that we question: Like, really, why am I doing this? But then there are those habits that I can’t imagine going a day without doing; things that actually enhance my life. There are just three of them, but these three habits are so important to me and my well-being.

-Yoga/Meditating: I put these as one because my yoga time is often when I tend to meditate or just let my mind rest for once. I don’t do yoga workouts every day, although I want to start. But what I do every day is relaxing, detoxifying yoga. I mainly do it at night before bed to just calm myself down so that my body feels relaxed and all stretched out, while my mind has had time to let go of all the thoughts that were racing around it all day. I also will use this time to meditate on a certain verse of the Bible or a positive statement. Doing this really brought peace to my being and it has helped me to stay happy (especially during these dreary winter months). Now, I know that some people think doing yoga is going against God because it’s a Hindu practice, but I highly disagree. I have a lot to discuss on this topic and am in the process of writing a post about it so if you’re interested in that keep on the lookout for that coming soon. All in all, yoga really helps ease my joint pain and back pain, while detoxifying my body and my mind. It’s so relaxing and it has really benefited me in many ways!

-Writing in my journal: This has been a habit of mine since I was a little kid. I have SO many journals, it’s crazy. But putting my thoughts on paper has been so therapeutical for me. It not only helps to clear my mind, but to straighten out my thoughts that have been jumbled around. Most of the time that I write in my journal, is when I feel the most connected to God. I have a journal that is dedicated to me writing to Him about all sorts of stuff and about my journey of trying to seek Him more. That journal is something that I write in everyday! I love to look back and see how far I have come and how much God has done for me. Alongside that journal I have a regular journal that I use just to write about what has been going on in my life. That really helps me to not dwell on things because when I get it out of my head and onto paper, I feel a weight fall off of my shoulders. When I find that I have been worrying about something, I’ll just write it down and express my feelings about that particular thing and can let my mind rest. There is just something so calming and joyful about opening up a journal and letting all my thoughts spill onto paper.

-Talking to God/Reading His Word: Last but certainly NOT least! I don’t feel complete if I don’t talk to God every day and be in His Word. I know there are days when I don’t study His Word like I should, but I make sure that I read at least a verse. His Word is one way He communicates with me and I need to keep it in my heart. I truly need Him and I rely on Him for much. I really couldn’t imagine not having God to talk to or have His Word to read. I would be so miserable and honestly would be a nervous wreck. I have anxiety and God has really helped me to get it under control. I know that without Him I wouldn’t have been able to get a grasp on it. Talking to Him is a huge necessity. Even if I don’t say much I can always feel His presence and that’s so amazing. It’s wonderful to have a best friend that I can talk to 24/7. Something that I find so amazing about talking to God is how He makes me feel so special. He makes me feel like I have His undivided attention and He is listening completely to what I have to say, and I know that it’s true. It’s amazing that He can make me feel this way when I know that there are millions of people talking to Him at the same time I am. He never makes me feel like He is too busy to spend time with me, and that makes me feel so happy.

I truly believe it’s so important to have healthy habits that make us happy and enhance our lives. What are some of the habits you do that you couldn’t imagine going a day without?